“Misneach” is all about female empowerment with the support of men and the engagement of the local community, we have been working very hard on this project over the past number of weeks and we are very proud of it. With the goal of empowering women and educating the community on the many challenges we face, we believe we have captured the essence of this topic quite well. We have been working very closely with very inspiring women such as Rosie Barrett, Clare Sands, Andrea Williams, Alannah Hennessy, Bairbre Flood and Jessie Cawley as well as Garry McCarthy (GMCBeats) and Rapha Olympio.

On the 16th of March we will have a Pre Patrick’s Day Party at the Kabin Studio, Knocknaheeny, Cork. Its a free event including private screening of the 3 music videos, live performances & live interview facilitated by the Hapnin Podcast Crew.

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